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Moving out or moving on?

We will give you the skills, know how and contacrs to make a success of your first tenancy.


Tuesday am - Moving in and getting set up
Tuesday pm - Bills and tenancy agreements

Wednesday am - Budgeting and money management
Wednesday pm - Debt and borrowing

Thursday am - Wages, tax and payslips
Thursday pm - Benefits and sanctions

Friday am - Bank accounts, statements and savings
Friday pm - Moving on: extra support and celebration


Morning sessions start at 10am and youre welcome to breakfast on us!

Each session takes about two hours but you can take a break if you need one - smoking area outside.

We'll feed you lunch and plenty of snacks throughout the day and you'll be finished by 3pm.

If you're interested give us a call or drop us a text on:

Tel: 07960 584141 or 07732 107072



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