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Project CompleteThe Bus to Work service was terminated one month early at the end of February 2011 following a decline in passenger numbers after the Christmas period. Passengers took the view that an excellent service and support had been provided and that they had been given adequate time to address independent transport solutions of their own – the ideal outcome for any pilot programme! The service exceeded initial forecast outputs, providing 66 unemployed people from Bolsover district with transport to jobs they wouldn't have been able to access.

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2010/11 Year End

The Bus to Work service was scheduled to finish on the 31st March 2011, by which time it was felt that people securing permanent employment at Tesco would be in a better position to develop independent means of getting to and from work.

There was clear evidence from passenger logs that following the Christmas and New Year peak in demand, the number of users was declining quite significantly from 19 regular users at the beginning of January to only 10 by the end of the month.  Given the decline in numbers, it was decided that the Bus to Work service should be terminated one month early at the end of February 2011.  All reasonable steps were taken to inform passengers of the earlier finish date and to re-assure those who needed it, that further help and advice would be available through the Ways to Work project.  Chesterfield Community Transport has reported that they are not aware of any adverse reaction from passengers to this decision and most took the view that an excellent service and support had been provided and that they had been given adequate time to address independent transport solutions of their own – the ideal outcome for any pilot programme.

In all, the service exceeded initial forecast outputs, providing 66 unemployed people from Bolsover district with transport to jobs they would have otherwise struggled to access.

Derbyshire County Council’s bid to the Local Sustainable Transport Fund includes an element of Bus to Work.  This means that if there are any large company expansions or inward investment opportunities there may be some funding available to provide transport for an interim period to enable people to access jobs that they would otherwise be unable to do so.  The outcome of this bid will be known later this year.

2010/11 Quarter 3
Passenger usage has been good and passenger numbers have grown steadily. At 30 June, there were 37 people registered with the service, at 30 Sept there were 54 and by 31 December there were 66.

There have been some difficulties in collecting bus fares from passengers which has resulted in the Bus to Work steering group taking action in Quarter 3 to prevent passengers from accessing the service for free.  The difficulty arises from passengers being required to pay the weekly fee by standing order and the time it can take to set this facility up, as the onus is on the individual to take action. Chesterfield Community Transport and Ways to Work (who collect the money) have been working hard to resolve this problem, however, as time goes on, the problem is compounded.

2010/11 Quarter 2
During Quarter 2, an extension of the Bus to Work pilot service was agreed.  It was agreed that by allowing the service to operate for a 12 month period, most passengers should be in a reasonable position to become more financially independent and thus be able to resolve their travel arrangements. The service will now continue until March 2012.

Passenger use has been good and passenger numbers have grown steadily. At 30 June there were 37 people registered with the service whilst at 30 Sept there were 54. Fortunately all do not travel on the bus at the same time as only a 16 seat vehicle is being operated but the three shift pattern / seven day week service working arrangements have spread passenger use reasonably evenly over the week thus avoiding the vehicle being over full.

A Bolsover resident recently started as a volunteer driver for the service. This volunteer is working to get his life back into gear and was filmed on 24 Aug – driving the “Bolsover Bus” to Tesco Warehouse – by BBC’s Look North programme This was featured on 27 Aug.

2010/11 Quarter 1
The bus service commenced two weeks earlier than planned on 15 March.  This start date was timed to coincide with the approximate start dates of the first Tesco recruits.  From an expected slow start, the service has developed steadily with 37 workers from the Bolsover district signed up to the service at 30 June 2010, with approximately 26 of these using it on a regular weekly basis.  The impact of the service for most passengers has been significant.  Many would quite simply have been unable to access employment at Tesco without it.

Bus to Work - Outputs


Outputs 08/09

Unemployed people gaining employment

     66    66

Businesses assisted to improve performance

     2    2
Transport initiatives to reduce barriers to accessing employment or training     1   1

People accessing volunteering opportunities

     2    2

Bus to Work - Contacts


Project Manager

Bob Rowley
Deputy Chief Executive
Community Transport for Town and County
CSG Building
New Street
S40 2JZ
Tel: 01246 209668
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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Bus to Work - Case Studies


GM driving forwardImage of passengers on Bus to Work

Mr GM, a resident of Bolsover district, approached Chesterfield Community Transport in August 2010 to become a volunteer driver. He is Vice Chair of a newly formed group which assists people with various addictions to overcome their problems. GM, himself, is a recovering alcoholic and requires the structure of regular work (paid or voluntary) to help him avoid slipping back.

Chesterfield Community Transport needed to be satisfied that GM was now in control of his addiction and although he had a clean driving licence, it was necessary to ensure his driving credentials were 100% OK. He underwent training to gain the Community Transport Association MiDAS Driver standard and he was CRB checked to an enhanced level. 

He is constantly aware of the peer pressure in Bolsover to persuade him to weaken and welcomes the opportunity to join the team as a volunteer driver to remove himself from such influences.  He regularly drives the Bus to Work bus and feels that this has significantly raised his self esteem and his standing in the local community as he often meets people he knows from Bolsover during the course of driving them to work.

He has been featured on Peak FM Radio, the local Press and BBC’s Look North Programme. He has publicly acknowledged the support he has received and always makes reference to his voluntary services and commitment to his fellow residents in helping them “get back to work". 


To whom it may concern
(letter received from regular Bus to Work passenger)

I am writing about the Ways to Work bus provided by Chesterfield Community Transport which I hear will not be running after September. This transport is the only way myself and numerous others can get to work at Tesco in Barlborough. We are all hoping that the funding is still ongoing for the transport to keep running otherwise twenty plus people will be out of a job.

It has been more than helpful to get us to work on time everyday. If there is no funding available myself and other workers see no problem in paying for the community bus to keep running.

Everybody is worried on how they will get to work after September as there is no public transport running at 5am in a morning. Could you please contact me or Roma from Chesterfield Community Transport and let us know the outcome.


Bus to Work

About the project...

The project aimed to remove transport as a barrier to accessing employment.  Chesterfield Community Transport operated a pilot 16-seater mini-bus service to carry workers from the Langwith, Shirebrook and Bolsover areas via the Markham Vale Business Park and Clowne village through to Barlborough Links – specifically Tesco Warehouse.

This service operated seven days per week and was scheduled to meet the typical three shift system in response to the expansion of the Tesco Distribution Centre in Barlborough. 



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