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Infrastructure Development Officer
Year End UpdateThe Project Officer has continued to attend network meetings with the aim of ensuring that appropriate agencies and partners can help service and facilitate new employers/investors coming to the area. Development of the main building has now commenced at the Castlewood Business Park for a new regional distribution centre. Planning consent has also been granted for a new McDonald’s restaurant and another restaurant units on the former Filigree site at South Normanton (with demolition of former buildings having commenced).

Infrastructure Development Infrastructure Development Officer

Infrastructure Development Officer

About the project...

Bolsover has a number of key development site opportunities.  This project seeks to maximise the opportunities available from these regeneration activities for both local residents seeking sustainable quality employment and to provide infrastructure to attract investors and grow local businesses.

Existing masterplans and studies help to inform regeneration activities, promote engagement with local communities, and contribute towards seeking to encourage development generally.  The Projects Officer is involved in the progression of the future development of the town centres and strategic sites and will work with investors/employers locating to strategic sites to help assess skill and employment needs.